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During season 3 of Civilization V, four religions were founded.

Holy RomeismEdit

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Holy Romeism is the religion founded by Lewis in Byzantium, and was the dominant religion in Civ 5 Multiplayer Challenge.

Holy Romeism was founded in the holy Byzantine city of New Rome, and is, again, based upon the real life Christian sect of Protestantism.

Upon being founded, Holy Romeism quickly spread across the Byzantine empire, and even trickled in The Netherlands and Arabia.


Arguably, Holy Romeism could have competed with San Miguel and Globalmegacorp, but both religions mainly stayed within their own borders, and Globalmegacorp didn't even leave the Incan capital of Tesco.

San MiguelEdit

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San Miguel was a religion in Civilization V that was founded by Sjin in the third season.

San Miguel was founded by Sjin and quickly became a powerful belief system in his civ.

The religion didn't not really get global attention, although it did briefly control some of the Arabian cities, and competed with Rythianity for religious domination of the city-state Vatican City.

It was the first religion to reach the New World, however eventually San Miguel fell against Holy Romeism, but did remain in Sjins new world colonies as well as in his one of the old world cities.



Rythianity was Rythian's religion in the Civ 5 Multiplayer Challenge, and remained a dominant religious belief, on par with Lewis' Holy Romeism.

Rythianity was the third religion to be founded, and was the dominant belief in all of his cities. Throughout the game, Rythianity went back and forth over religious control of the Spanish city of Cupcake, with San Miguel on the other end of the tug-of-war.

Rythianity also competed for religious control over the city-state of Vatican City, with San Miguel defending its dominance over the Pope and with Holy Romeism occasionally taking the city.


Globalmegacorp is a religion that was founded by Duncan in the Incan empire.

Globalmegacorp was founded in Tesco, and never actually left that city, resulting in it to quickly be forgotten by the other civs, and eventually by Duncan himself.


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