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During season 4 of Civilization V, four religions were founded.

Celestial WorshiEdit

Celestial Worshi is the religion founded by Lewis as Morocco in Civ 5 World War.

Celestial Worshi dominated much of the Eurasian continent and controlled all his Moroccan cities, the Chinese cities, and many others on the continent. However, Sjin's capital remained fiercely independent and follows his religion of Catch Em All.

The religion is named Celestial Worshi due to Lewis' northern spawnpoint and due to a lack of room to write "Celestial Worship."

Eat a ButtEdit

Eat a Butt is the religion founded by Sips in the Civ 5 Multiplayer Challenge.

By the end of the game, Eat a Butt was the world religion and dominated most of the North and South American continents, including much of Sips' and Duncan's empires.

Eat a Butt was mostly geared towards building up Sips' culture production, and as such his civilisation was very influential on everyone else; the main key towards a Cultural Victory.

Catch Em AllEdit

Catch Em All is the Shoshone religion founded by Sjin in Season 4, within the holy city of Magikarp.

Catch Em All, unlike Celestial Worshi, never really made it past the large borders of the Shoshone empire. It had a brief period of being the dominant faith of the outer cities of the Shoshone, but was quickly taken out by the religious fervor of the Moroccans.

Over time, Catch Em All was left in its holy city and the younger island cities further south, around Australia.


Flaxgasm was the religion founded by Pyrion Flax's Chinese empire, in the holy city of Twickenham.

Just like its neighboring religion, Catch Em All, Flaxgasm remained mostly within its own borders. Never a truly serious religion, Flaxgasm never made it to the bordering cities of the Chinese empire.

Towards the end of the Chinese empire, Pyrion gave all cities but his capital to France, who in turn gave them all to Morocco. The ever religious Moroccan empire quickly converted the former Chinese empire to Celestial Worshi.


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