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Over the course of season 5 of Civilization V during the Christmas Livestreams, four religions were founded.


Mycology was the worship of the first mushroom, Barry. Founded in the Celtic capital and holy city of Barry by Zoey, it is a peaceful religion, and advocates peaceful relations with neighbors. Despite this religious law, Zoey seems to violate this by constantly declaring war on city-states to kidnap workers.

During the stream, Zoey proceeded to convert any city-state that was not currently being attacked by her, and even took a few of the Portuguese cities, only to have them quickly reconverted to Holyus Snakus.

Holyus SnakusEdit

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Holyus Snakus was the Portuguese religion during the Christmas Livestreams, founded by Lewis.

Throughout the game, Holyus Snakus spread rapidly across the Portuguese empire, as well as to the surrounding city-states. It, along with Protestantism, remained a dominant religion throughout the match, and the dominant religion of the west.


Protestantism was the name of Duncan's religion, in the holy Egyptian city of Candy, after failing to name it "Happy Crimbo" as he intended.

Protestantism spread at an alarming rate across the Egyptian empire, the surrounding city-states, as well as cities in both the Shoshone and Babylonian empires. It was the second most powerful religion in the game, and the dominant belief system of the east, Holyus Snakus being the west.

Divine DivinityEdit

Divine Divinity was the religion founded by Rythian of the Koreans during the Christmas Livestreams.

Divine Divinity went unnoticed throughout the stream, and as such never really left the Korean capital.


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