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Clucky, also known as Miss Clucky, is the name of the chicken mascot of Honeydew Inc.

She was born when Lewis needed feathers for his Swiftwolf's Rending Gale (Flying Ring), and accidentally spawned way more chickens than he needed before realizing that he had to wait for them to grow up. Clucky was one of the chickens lucky enough not to be killed upon reaching adulthood. She then started nesting on the storage floor, where Lewis made a cage for her, and was then later let out when Sips accidentally made a mistake building the wall. In Episode 65, Miss Clucky was nominated as the Honeydew Inc. mascot and sponsor. After a short while spent nesting in the ground floor light fixtures, Miss Clucky was given her own special pen where she proceeded to lay eggs. One of these eggs grew to adulthood, which is when Miss Clucky bred with her own child to produce an inbred child of their own. That means for the latest chick, Miss Clucky is both her mother and her grandmother. The inbred child of Miss Clucky is perfectly healthy, as is perfectly natural for the first generation of inbreeding, despite the common myth. Miss Clucky was found a couple of times in the upper levels of the Jaffa factory by Duncan. This caused great confusion as there were no stairs or even ladders to go up the factory.

In JaffaQuest, upon returning to the ruined factory Miss Clucky was nowhere to be found. She was presumed to have run away. She was later found by Duncan in Episode 106 of Jaffaquest, he caught her and is now looking after her like a paternal parent. Now, Duncan takes care of her in Hole Diggers Inc., in a plot at the side of Lewis's automatic farm. Clucky has not yet been sighted in Deep Space Mine.

Recently in Hat Films' series of Hat Corp. In episode 41[1] the message of: "Clucky has gone up in flames", therefore it is possible that she has finally met her resting place, though since this did not happen on a main Yogscast video, it's also possible that this will be considered non-canon and Clucky will be cheated back in at some point in the future.