Contradiction: Spot the Liar!, also known as Contradiction: The All-Video Murder Mystery Adventure or just Contradiction is a FMV game developed by Tim Follin through Kickstarter crowdfunding and released through Apple Inc.'s iOS App Store and Mac App Store on January 14, 2015 and Steam on July 10, 2015. The game follows the investigation of Detective Inspector Frederick Jenks into the apparent suicide of Kate Vine in the small village of Edenton. [1]

In YogiverseEdit

Episode GuideEdit

Pyrion Flax — Contradiction: Spot the Liar%21
Video Name Table yt
Contradiction - He`s a Thief #1 Watch
Contradiction - Spooky Scrying Mirror #2 Watch
Contradiction - Magic Mint #3 Watch
Contradiction - Third Eye #4 Watch
Contradiction - Big Blonde Nose Hair #5 Watch
Contradiction - Packing Heat #6 Watch
Contradiction - Sweet, Sweet Emma #7 Watch
Contradiction - Devil Worshipping #8 Watch
Contradiction - Naughty Rebecca #9 Watch
Contradiction - The Mirror Room #10 Watch
YOGSCAST Hannah — Contradiction: Spot the Liar%21
Video Name Table yt
CONTRADICTION #1 - Bin Day! Watch
CONTRADICTION #2 - To the Pub! Watch
CONTRADICTION #3 - Questioning Sjin Watch
CONTRADICTION #4 - Wacky Backy! Watch
CONTRADICTION #5 - Meet the Dad Watch
CONTRADICTION #7 - Devil Worshippers! Watch
CONTRADICTION #8 - The Aptitude Test Watch
CONTRADICTION #9 - The Mirror Room! Watch
CONTRADICTION #10 - Poppy Pods Watch
Yogscast Live — Contradiction: Spot the Liar%21
Video Name Table yt
THE INVESTIGATION CONTINUES! - Contradiction [2] - 2nd September 2016 Watch
CASE CLOSED! - Contradiction [3] - 9th September 2016 Watch


  1. Contradiction: Spot the Liar!, Wikipedia.

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