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Sips going north with Fernando, Copernicus and Socrates.

Copernicus is a bird in Sips' Towns Let's Play (Season One and Two). Copernicus is a loving, caring and funny bird who flew around by the entrance to the Iron Mine. He would tell jokes to anyone who went up to the mine and they would always leave smiling. For instance, William once went up to the mine with a sad look on his face, but on the way back he had a big grin on his face and he was chuckling to himself. Sips took Copernicus with him (along with Socrates) when he rode Fernando the Bull to the northernlands in search of a new place to start a town, leaving Geordi, the Matildas and Simon in charge.

In Season Two, Sips couldn't tell which bird was Copernicus to begin with, so he surveyed each bird to see if they were making people laugh, sure enough, he discovered a bird "gently pooping" on Terrowin, causing him to laugh, so Sips instantly knew that it was Copernicus.

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