Cradle is a science-fiction first-person story/quest driven exploration game developed by Flying Cafe for Semianimals. The story has been designed around the relationship of the protagonist (the player) and a robotic companion. The player must repair the mechanical body of the companion in order to solve the mystery of the neglected entertainment park (theme/amusement park). The game has been released on steam, and has been praised for its quirky story and rich graphics.

In Yogiverse Edit

Hannah has completed a short playthrough of the game. She completed the playthrough over a few recording sessions and has removed large sections of the content that are seen to be repetitive (the mini-games).

Episode Guide Edit

Hannah — Cradle
Video Name Table yt
Cradle #1 - July 25, 2076 Watch
Cradle #2 - Teatime Watch
Cradle #3 - Toy Box Watch
Cradle #4 - Endless Sands Watch
Cradle #5 - Tabaha Watch
Cradle #6 - Mayer Watch
Cradle #7 - Enebish Watch