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In episode 75 of Lewis, Simon and Duncan's Tekkit series on the main BlueXephos channel, two creepers were found on the roof of the Jaffa Factory. What did Simon do? Well apart from making both creepers blow up, causing a hole in the factory roof, he began to sing. "There's a creeper on the roof, la, la, la, la LA!" The song has been sung (and changed) on numerous occasions after episode 75, and not only in the Tekkit series, but also in other videos on the main channel and on the Christmas Livestreams. The words has been changed many times beyond a creeper on the roof. The song is a parody of Boney M - Brown Girl In The Ring, which was released in 1978, with the original lyrics being "Brown girl in the ring, tra la la la LA!" Hannah did a cover of the song on YogNews


There's a Creeper on the Roof (la la la la la)(00:24)
One of the first times the song has been mentioned.
Adamo MagusAdded by Adamo Magus
Boney M Brown Girl In The Ring (1978)(01:40)
The original song. Special thanks to Eddieblake for finding the song!
BrainsbeerAdded by Brainsbeer
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