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Crow Conquest

Crown Conquest is series produced by Yogscast, and numerous famous Youtubers (GameChap and Bertie, CaptainSparklez, etc.). It is a form of Capture the Flag with two-player teams attempting to get one of three crowns and deliver it to Dragonskull Mountain. The map was built by Sjin in his Let's build a Castle/Kingdom/Mountain series and the gamemode was created by the VoxelBox community.

Watch it being built! Sjin's Let's Build: A Kingdom


The teams start in two-player dropper. After period of two minutes they are released and two minutes of disabled PVP begins. During this time, the teams are supposed to find supplies which are randomly scattered in all chests on the map. At the end of the Minecraft day, three crowns spawn at marked points (on the Castle, Wizard Tower and the Cathedral) and players are supposed to get them. When one picks up the crown, the whole server is announced, player's speed is reduced and they are now fireproof. Once the Player has a gold crown, they must fight their way up Dragon Skull Mountain and get to the winner's podium by walking through the lava of the Dragon's mouth.


Winners​ and ResultsEdit

Sips and Sjin won due to combined kills and crowns obtained, while Lewis and Simon came in second and Rythian and Zoey tied with Gamechap and Bertie for third.

First Round Edit

In the first round GameChap and Bertie, and Simon and Lewis won. When the crowns were dropped the first people to pick the crowns up were Lewis, Sjin and Zoey. This caused annoyance throughout the competitors as the creator of the map, Sjin and the host of the server, Lewis picked up the crowns first. Only GameChap and Bertie got a headstart in the second round (possibly due to Bertie was still alive when the round ended). Hannah and Duncan got the most kills on that round.



Second Round Edit

In the second round Rythian and Zoey won. Rythian died early in the game, so Zoey basically won by herself. Noxcrew got the most kills on that Round.



Third Round Edit

Sjin and Sips got a crown and raced toward the podium. As they got to it they realized that no one picked up the last crown and only Gamechap was left in the game. Sips_ raced to get to the crown before Gamechap could get it while Sjin secured their 1st point by taking the crown they already had to the winner's podium. The game ended with Sips killing Gamechap, but failing to get to the second crown before it despawned. Sips and Sjin got the most kills on that round.

Crown conquest leaderboard


Trivia Edit

  • Team Lewis and Simon & Gamechap and Bertie are the only teams who were in the top 3 all three rounds.
  • Rythian and Zoey share the bronze medal with Gamechap and Bertie.
  • Sips and Sjin & Noxcrew made the most kills.
  • However, Noxcrew never won one round. If they did, they shared the gold medal with Sips and Sjin.#
  • Xephos has hinted in chat in the third round, he said: we'll do this again with a different map.

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