Ctrl_Alt_Llama has no affiliation with the Yogscast whatsoever, other than the appearances below. He is not a Yogscast member, but has been known to play DOTA and Tekkit in the past with Yogscast members.


Ctrl_Alt_Llama is most noticeably sighted in Duncan's Tekkit series. Llama is first sighted in episode 21 entitled "Nano Armour", although he can be seen connecting in earlier videos. He can be seen in the background connecting. Later during the episode, when Duncan turns it to night he says "Why is it dark?" Then, when Duncan spawns zombies to test out the armour, Llama attempts to protect Duncan jumping in and slaying a zombie shouting "I'll save the day!". Continuing though the series large structures and "Trolls" appear. It is highly believed Llama is to be responsible for these. Llama has started to become more known as his channel is close enough to reaching 200 subs. On the first livestream of the Yogscast Charity Event, Parv accidentally revealed Llama's account name and is now becoming more well known throughout the Yogscast CommunityLlama and Hannah. During the days in which Hannah played DOTA 2 BETA with the community she was regularly accompanied by a user called Ctrl+Alt+Llama. Ctrl+Alt+Llama and Ctl_Alt_Llama are believed to be one in the same.


Llama has his own channel called CtrlAltNarwhal which can be found here: He can also be seen in the Yogscon 2012 video #1 talking to other Yognau(gh)ts: Llama's OMGPop account has a black and white picture of an individual who may be Llama in real life, as seen in his "Draw my thing" video. As of January 16, 2013, Ctrl_Alt_Llama's channel now has 250 (and then 249 due to a troll subscriber) subs.  He now has a contract with The RPM Network on YouTube to gain him attention and revenue, and it is apparently late because the first time he got the contract he misspelled his name.


  • Ctrl_Alt_LIama has an account on this wiki which can be found here: Ctrl+Alt+Llama.
  • It is speculated that Llama is Duncan's brother. However Llama himself has stated this is false and there is no blood relation.


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