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Daisy The Cow
Daisy the cow
Daisy in Part 21




The Yogcave(formerly), Greenland(formerly), Mistral City(formerly)


The Yogcave, Cult of Israphel?

First Appearance

Part 6: The Mysterious Tree

Last Appearance

"Shadow of Israphel" Part 3: I DEMAND YOUR FINEST BACON! Confusion in later episodes

Daisy the Cow, also called Daisy the Housekeeper or Bessie is, as her name implies, a cow. She is said to also be in affiliation with Cult of Israphel.


Daisy lived in the Yogcave with Honeydew and Xephos during Part 6: The Mysterious Tree, but was killed by Honeydew for leather. She returns in Part 21: Ceiling Construction Interrupted, where she is seen precariously perched on a ledge high in the Yogcave before inevitably being pushed to her death by Xephos.

Daisy also appears in the Planetoids series, where she lives on Greenland. Upon seeing Honeydew and Xephos kill her friends, Daisy flees. Honeydew tries to bring her back, but she slips when he does so. She falls off Greenland's edge

Daisy was also seen briefly in Episode 3 of Season 3, in the 'Shadow of Israphel' series. She was seen playing Tennis, but then killed by a volley of arrows from Honeydew. In this appearance, Simon and Lewis get confused about Daisy's name, since they had recently met Daisy Duke.

In the The Wizard Burgmund Part 1, she was seen wandering around on grass with Lewis seeing Simon getting chased by a creeper. Lewis attacked the creeper, and the creeper blew up taking Daisy with it.


Cult of Israphel TheoryEdit

Daisy returns constantly, that shows that she has the power of Resurrection. This hints that she may be a member of the Cult of Israphel. Another hint at possible membership of the Cult is shown in Episode 30 of the Shadow of Israphel series, where, at the end of the episode, Honeydew and Xephos are attacked by a number of skeletons and a zombie, while a cow, possibly Daisy, watches. This theory is supported by the fact that Daisy has been assaulted by Honeydew and Xephos many times, and may want revenge.

All Cows Are Daisy TheoryEdit

A small amount of people believe that Daisy is the name Simon and Lewis give all cows. This theory is supported by the fact that Daisy vanished after Simon and Lewis realized that Daisy's name conflicted with Daisy Duke's name. This theory is unlikely, since only a small amount of cows the duo sees are referred to as Daisy.

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