Damtown is a devastated town from Duncan and Kim's Flux Buddies 2.0 series. It lies in a valley to the South-East of their base, overlooked by two hydro-electric dams. The town is tainted with flux and all the residents have been either captured or killed, with the only exception being the Mayor. The town is also the location of Lalnable's Base, which is built behind the dam.


Duncan and Kim first hear about Damtown in Flux Buddies 2.0 #161 HELP!, when they receive a letter from the Mayor of Damtown, in which he pleads for urgent assistance to save his town. The pair agree to immediately depart for the stricken town to help the Mayor.

Upon reaching Damtown however, they quickly become aware that they have arrived too late, and face devastating scenes of massacred residents. Following a search of the buildings for any survivors they discover the Mayor locked in a basement. He describes how two people resembling Duncan and Kim raided the town, invaded his home, and captured and killed the townspeople. The pair realise the Mayor speaks of Specimen 5 and Dr. Lalnable Hector, and learn that they have taken people back over the dam to their base for "harvesting".

Kim formulates a plan and successfully obtains taglocks of Specimen 5's blood from the Mayor's bed. The pair agree to use these to spy on the base before initiating their attack. They excavate a small cave next to the dam and set up a witchery alter inside.

When Lalnable's Base explodes, a large portion of the dam is destroyed.


  • Kim and Duncan come across the remnants of a children's party amongst the devastation, with a sign reading "Happy Birthday Timmy".
  • Timmy is (apparently) found later amongst a group of villagers in Lalnable's Base, though it is unknown if he survived the explosion.


Flux Buddies
Series: Flux Buddies, Flux Buddies 2.0, Flux Buddies 3, Flux Baddies
Characters: Duncan Jones, Kim Richards, Barnabus, Dr. Lalnable Hector, Moses, Rincewind, Specimen 5, Tiddles
Locations: Damtown, Flux Buddies 2.0 (Base), Lalnable's Base, Nano's Noodle Bar, Panda Labs

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