Daryl Pendry, more commonly known by his username Reckreations, is an animator who has created a few animations for the Yogscast. He has his own channel which can be found here. On his channel he has his own animations and behind the scenes of animations that are on the main channel. Reckreations teamed up with VeteranHarry during the Yogscast Survival games, and got killed by Martyn while Harry got killed earlier by a slime. Daryl also did a Tekkit series with SirPearsonz but deleted it from his channel, SirPearsonz reuploaded his version on his channel. He also has created several videos with Simon and Lewis as their Minecraft characters, notably the Diggy Diggy Hole animation.


  • Although Reckreations doesn't post much video on his YouTube channel he does do a lot of livestreams on Twitch as seen on Twitter.