Datlof is the name given to a hat in the form of the Minecraft pig. The hat was a gift created by Yognau(gh)t, Miikka Virtanen and it was sent to Hannah during the 2014 Jingle Jam. It made many appearances throughout the streams that year.

In-Yogiverse Edit

  • Hannah, Kim and Simon opened up the box containing Datlof during their first HaKiMon stream on December 3, 2014. Both Simon and Kim fell in love with it.
  • Later, on the 5th of December, Lewis Brindley found the hat and wore it for the majority of the Civ Stream.
  • On the 6th of December, the Pig Hat was officially named Datlof and co-hosted the pre-show of the Gmod stream along with Hannah, Lewis and Duncan.

On January 31, 2015, a song named "All Rise for Datlof" was released on Spotify. The following week, it was released on the BlueXephos channel, this time accompanied by a music video, animated by Ceeraanoo.

Trivia Edit

  • The Pig Hat was named Datlof after Lewis' main city in the Civ stream.
  • The actual name Datlof was a user suggested city name during the Civ stream. The user claimed it was in honor of his sister's birthday.
  • Yogs who have worn the hat on camera have stated that Datlof is quite heavy, making it difficult to actually wear Datlof as a hat.
  • The design for Datlof may be based on the 'Flying Pig' hat from the Minecraft Hat mod due to their extreme similarities, although the creator of the hat has not confirmed nor denied this.
  • Datlof is currently on ebay for the "yogscast charity garage sale", he sold for $603.19 or £470.00.
  • Datlof is missing an eye.

Gallery Edit

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