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The Glorious Nation of  Datlof is a nation created in Civilization V and played by Lewis. (Henceforth to be referred to as "Brewis Ginley")

Datlof was a small heavily militaristic socialist nation situated in a desert in the Old World. It was surrounded by multiple nations from all sides by the nations of China (Ben), Persia (Parv), Maya (Duncan) & Spain (Sjin).

The Socialist Republic of Datlof is home to around 19 million residents, two-thirds of the population are pigs and farm animals. Datlof's economy is at its lowest since 1983 so common jobs such as pig farmers, tea suppliers and coffeemakers does'nt provide much of a salary for locals. More appealing and professional jobs such as bandplayers, Maya dancers, generals and soldiers are very attractive.

The most widely recorded war with Datlof was the Great Datlovian War, which was a bloody battle against the monarchists to defend Datlof. As many as 3 million died in battle, followed by a year long famine, killing 50% of Datlof's population, which soon led the Supreme Leader of Datlof to change its economy into a center-socialist pig modelled economy, which proved to be helpful in improving the economy.

The national beverages in Datlof are tea and gin. Tea is drunk whenever gin supplies are low or unavailable, and a gin/-tea mix is drunk in the morning by native Datlovians, mostly to keep away the city wide hangovers that plauge Datlof.

Datlof's culture and media are heavily controlled. A very short list of songs are permitted in Datlof. This list includes:All Rise For Datlof, Bringing Home the bacon, Getting jiggly with a piggy and certain 1987 Eurovision hits.

Datlof only has two remaining edifices, Datlof Moustache Museum and the Imperial Palazzo. In the world-famous Datlof Moustache Museum there is a display of the finest moustaches, many of which are still attached to the heads on which they grew. As for the Imperial Palazzo, it is the previous home of Datlof's so-called "Emperor".

On February 4th of 2015 a song named "All Rise For Datlof' was published to honour the people of Datlof.