Deadpool is a third person action game starring Deadpool from Marvel Comics. It was developed by High Moon Studios, published by Activision and released on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.


Strippin completed this game in fourteen episodes in 2013, during the time he was in the Yogscast.

Episode GuideEdit

Strippin — Deadpool (video game)
Video Name Table yt
Deadpool # 1 - Badassery Watch
Deadpool - #2 - Going up. Watch
Deadpool #3 - Bringing the Big Guns Watch
Deadpool #4 - The Evil Mime Watch
Deadpool #5 - The Cable Guy Watch
Deadpool #6 - Sex Robots Watch
Deadpool #7 - Cables Bodyshop Watch
Deadpool #8 - Boot Camp Watch
Deadpool #9 - Boob Paradise. Watch
Deadpool #10 - Poo River. Watch
Deadpool #11 - Deadpool is a Rail Bro. Watch
Deadpool #12 - Evil? I can`t hear you mate. Watch
Deadpool #13 - Crazy for loving you. Watch
Deadpool #14 - I like to ride my Bicycle Watch
Deadpool #15 - Moaning about Cloning. Series Finalé Watch

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