Death Bots are a group of Robots who want to be Servant Bots, they are voiced by Sparkles* in Sips and Sjin's Spacemen series.


The Death Bots are a group of Robots designed for killing. At one point, they decided to become Servant Bots and had a few human guests who may have either left or were killed by them. They soon met Blue and Orange who accidentally found their space station. They soon feed them, which makes them happy until Blue says all of them look alike. This makes the Death Bots angry to the point they reveal they're Death Bots. They begin to debate whether or not to be Death Bots again. Orange then shoots his ray-gun and Blue and him escape the space station; leaving the Death Bots to wait for a new master.

Notes and TriviaEdit

  • They are Death Bots who want to be Servant Bots.

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