Derpulies was the host of the Trials Of Derpulies. He sought power by tasking the three teams: Sjipos, Flux Buddies, and Hat Films, to complete trials and gain important items. He was accompanied by his manservant, Skobbels, and wasn't above harshly punishing players who misbehaved with either murder or imprisonment in the Box of Shame. When he'd gotten his hands on all the items, he turned against all the teams and summoned an army of robots to destroy them. Working together with Skobbels, the players managed to finally kill Derpulies, freeing the realm from his control.

Trivia Edit

  • His mask represents face painting on Pierrot in pantomime, as well as the Puppets in Five Nights at Freddy’s.
  • His armour resembles Thanos' from the Marvel Universe.
  • He can be seen at times wearing a golden skirt.
  • The Minecraft character Derpulies is actually Rory Rockhammer renamed.[1]
  • Derpulies commonly speaks in rhymes.
  • Although a popular rumour at the time suggested that Derpulies was actually Simon Lane coming back to active appearances on the Yogscast, the character was actually controlled by Tom Clark.



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