Trucktues lrg

Diesel.ogg is a soundtrack which originated from Trucking Tuesday - Car Transporter Sim 2013. It became rather famous after Lewis and Simon agreed that it was "the best and least annoying song ever". 

The soundtrack also made its appearance in a few other episodes such as Trucking Tuesday - Heavy Weight Transport, which was from the same creator of Car Transporter Sim 2013, and Trucking Tuesday - 18 Wheels of Steel Extreme Trucker 2 and also Trucking Tuesday - Rigs of Rods  in which it served as a warm-up soundtrack. It was also mentioned in Spintires #2 - HL3 Confirmed - Trucking Tuesday by Simon.

The tune was also played during moments of the 2015 Christmas Livestreams.



Diesel.ogg 5 minute Loop - (Car Transport Simulator 2013) -