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Dong Hill was a location in the Voltz series, famous for being the site at which "The Treaty of Dong Hill" (named "In Boddypen") was signed.


Following the detonation of the red-matter explosive known simply as "The Bomb", the warring parties thought that it would be best to continue their technological war with a set of rules in place to prevent such events from occurring again. The treaty prohibits cheating and the use of red-matter weapons.

The treaty reads as follows:

We, the People of Minecraftia, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posteriors, do ordain and establish this Constitution of Minecraftia.

-No Antimatter, Redmatter, or hypersonic explosives.

-No Cheating!

[Placeholder words go here describing that we are all going to be nice to each other and not be jerks and attempt to destroy the world or each other cos that would be really MEAN]

The treaty was signed by all relevant parties, excluding Sips, who had his lawyer, who just so happens to be Nick Cage, sign it instead.


Simon Honeydew of Khaz Modan, son of Gimli, son of Gloin, son of Groin, son of Dave.

[you nubcakes sign below here.....


actually there's no room there so sign here instead on this page below this text, please make sure to sign your full name and title if you have one, don't press Sign on the UI only press Done else no one else can Sign it okay guys don't fup this one up]

The treaty was signed as follows:

eat shit assholes




signed by nick "the cage" cage

Sjin :)

Later EventsEdit

After the treaty was signed, the hill had become somewhat of a hot spot for missiles to be launched at.

After Sips and Sjin discovered that the missile launcher atop their destroyed base had survived the rejuvenation missiles, they decided to try to fire conventional missiles at the hill. They did not manage to hit it, though, because the accuracy of the launcher wasn't very good, and Sips and Sjin eventually gave up to explore what else was left of their base.

Later, Lewis, Simon, and Duncan had created a Thermobaric Missile, and needed a place to test it. They decided to fire it at Dong Hill as well, and fired the missile at it. Since the launcher was equipped with a Tier 3 support frame, the accuracy was spot on and the missile landed right on the hill. Most of the hill was destroyed, and the treaty was most likely destroyed as well. This didn't bother the trio very much. Instead they commented on how lame the missile had been as they thought it would set fire to the region.

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