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Dr. Srivaramen, under the username of Dr_Srivaramen, is one of the employees at YogLabs and is head of the Genetic and Mutant research. He is an Indian man, having a thick accent.


Dr. Srivaramen is an Indian man who was hired by Lewis to head the Genetic and Mutant Division at YogLabs. Dr. Srivaramen is currently the Head Doctor after Dr. Testificate MD got shot by Lewis and had to go through surgery to recover. He first appeared when Lewis began to show Simon the Mutants that YogLabs was making. He shows them the Mutant Wrestling arena until it got out of hand. He then brings the two to see his strongest mutant known as Bort, who was the Mutant Wrestling Champ. He then brings them into a room full of Endermen to test out the effects of Chemical X on Endermen. The Endermen begin to mutate into Mutant Endermen causing the trio to experience blindness caused by the Mutant Endermen.

He kept Bort as a pet, although Bort later died in the series, at the hands of Puffy Clouds. Bort's food seemed to consist of Testificate children.


Characters Bort, Dr. David Grizwald Chaos, Dr. Lalnable Hector, Dr. Srivaramen, Dr. Testificate MD, Fumblemore Robot, Gosencrantz, Hammy Hammsta, Honeydew (Clone), Little Maids, Mr. Wong, OldHoneydew, OldXephos, Patient X, Prof. Brightmeer, Professor Bixby, Puffy Clouds, Sergeant Herp, Ted-209, The Adventures League, The HMS Pernus, Voskoboynikov

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