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Duncan 01
Real Name Duncan Jones
Usernames/Aliases Lalna, LividCoffee, Drunkan, SuicidalKitten, Lalnasaurus, Doge of Disaster, Mighty Warlord Duncan, Duncbot, Dumbledaz
YouTube Channel YOGSCAST Duncan
Gender Male
Nationality British
Current Member? Yes
Member Since 2009
Working at YogTowers? Yes
Occupation YouTube Content Producer at Yogscast Ltd
Partner Paul Sykes (Sjin), Kim Richards (NanoSounds)
Catchphrase "This is a disaster!"
"This is a disaster!"

Duncan Jones, under the usernames Lalna and LividCoffee is a YouTube Content Producer for the Yogscast. He is the sole controller of the YogscastLalna channel.

On 20th March 2013, his channel reached a million subscribers, making Duncan the third Yogscast member to reach the milestone (the first two being Simon and Lewis). Sjin and Duncan are very close in the subscriber count, which is why Duncan was the one to first reach one million subscribers, but only 3 days after Sjin accomplished the same before overtaking him. At the moment Sjin is ahead of Duncan in the amount of subscribers.

He plays a lot of Tekkit. Duncan created "Tekkit with Duncan" on his YouTube channel YogscastLalna. It is well reputed as one of the best Tekkit series on YouTube. His channel being known as one of the best for Tekkit is a result of his extensive knowledge of Tekkit. After some time we saw the appearance of Rythian and Sjin as well as a few other wandering adventurers. However, it was the battle for infinite power between Duncan and Sjin, which resulted in a world of chaos, then silence. They managed to destroy the world, and both parties renewed their series along side the new Yogscast Tekkit series with Lewis Brindley and Simon Lane


Duncan joined the Yogscast as an artist in residence, making fantastic things in and out of Minecraft. The man behind the explosive wizard Fumblemore, Duncan quickly became one of the most popular members of the Yogscast with his multiple Minecraft series.


Duncan plays Knight Peculier, Fumblemore, Swampy Bogbeard, and probably more characters in Shadow of Israphel.

Duncan is also credited with the creation of one of Honeydew's first avatars and building most of Mistral City and Stoneholm, the Dwarven Stronghold in Shadow of Israphel.

He set fire to Sjin's house in Duncan's Tekkit series due to Sjin stealing his supplies and using a crafty contraption of pipes and machinery; though it turned out to be a decoy building. This started a friendly feud between the two.

However this feud developed into all out war, as Duncan and Sjin both destroyed the Tekkit server in Duncan's Tekkit series while they were fighting and both their houses were destroyed. Sjin's by two nukes and Duncan's by a nuclear meltdown, which appeared to have ended Duncan's tekkit series. Duncan is currently playing on a new tekkit server, hired by Honeydew Inc. in a Tekkit series to build a Jaffa Cake Factory for Honeydew. He later restarted his whole Tekkit series alongside to this using funds allocated from Honeydew. In his new Tekkit series he focuses on creating his own science lab in a Frankenstein-like Castle. And later getting rid of possible problems like Rythian.

Duncan formerly played Duncan's Laboratory , in which he plays YogCraft , mainly focusing on Thaumcraft (Magic). He appears in episode 17 of Sjin's Feed the World series, in which he trades Redstone Conduits for some Thaumcraft Items that Sjin found, in order to give him a more sustainable power circuit.

He has teamed up with Kim and ran a series concurrent to MoonQuest called Galacticraft.

Additional Information

Duncan is well known in World of Warcraft for his expansive collection of companion pets. On the final day of the Yogscast Christmas Calendar 2010, Lewis, Hannah, Simon, and Duncan were giving each other presents in WoW in a dwarves building in the twilight highlands, and Lewis has to worry if Duncan already has the present Lewis is giving him as it was a companion pet. However, Lewis' present turned out to be one of the only pets in the game Duncan didn't own.

Duncan has made several appearances with the Yogscast while they went to Minecon America.

Duncan has a degree in art, as mentioned in part 19 of the Tekkit series in which the Yogscast create rival companies.

On the video on Rythian's channel titled "Warcraft - Theramore is Going Down (That's What She Said) Part 2 of 2", it was revealed that Duncan has a girlfriend, who also previously played WoW. The topic arose when Nilesy asked how Duncan has a girlfriend (the query was lodged because Nilesy was seeking advice) and Duncan conceded that he tricked her. On the Yogscast Christmas livestream Lewis said her name was Charli and she was a veterinary nurse, after they had started discussing My Little Pony, he asked if she had ever made Duncan watch it.


  • There is a bit of a bromance between Duncan and Lewis, in one of Duncan's Gamescom videos, found here, Lewis kissed him on the cheek...either this or Lewis just loves kissing people (Simon too.)
  • Some say Duncan is the best in the Yogscast Team at Tekkit due to his knowledge in almost all the mods in Tekkit unlike other members of the Yogscast crew.
  • He once met the Chuckle Brothers (revealed in YoGPoD Episode 10.)
  • In one of the Christmas livestreams Duncan mentioned having a sister who is very ginger (her name is Rosie Jones), as opposed to him being just strawberry blonde. She is also in a band called Worry Dolls.
  • He has a cat called Misty and a cat named Nibbler.
  • In 2008 he made a short 2 part movie called The Luke Warm Beverage Affair. His sister is the one trying to get the cat (in part 1).
  • Duncan got the nickname "Drunkan Jones" over the Christmas Livestreams because he was drinking on multiple occasions.
  • Duncan gave Simon a battery he found on a table as a christmas present.
  • It was hinted on Zoey's Tumblr that Duncan created Teep the dinosaur, possibly in Duncan's Dinosaurs, where Teep had escaped the park.
  • It was referenced in one of BlueXephos' Tekkit series that Duncan was the original artist for BlueXephos' first avatar.
  • Duncan has a degree in art.
  • Apparently, cooking is one of Duncan's favorite things to do. This is shown in his 300th video special/1,000,000 subscriber video where he cooks a steak.
  • Recently, he played Worms: Clan Wars with Rythian, Lewis and Sjin, in which he unfairly won as he was always pulling away from a battle, leading the others to call him a coward.
  • It was revealed in Skyblocks that Editor Colin and Duncan went to the same college, lived in the same village, lived in the same cottage and slept in the same bedroom, with Duncan moving in after Colin moved out.
  • Duncan is over 6 foot tall.
  • Duncan's favourite drink is cider.
  • Duncan once dyed his hair blue for a week, but it turned green.
  • Duncan was a Wolf in the Yogscast's game of Werewolves.
  • Duncan has been with his girlfriend for 8 years.
  • Duncan is from Devon.
  • Duncan has a vaugly similar voice to Simon. A pure example of his singing voice in the Diggy Diggy Hole has one part of where after Simon sung his line, believing he sung "Never see the Blue Moon glow!" and then back to Simon. Another example is when he did the Skyblock Survival with GameChap and BertieChap, some people thought he was Simon. This odd fact makes fans speculate that Duncan and Simon are brothers, despite them not even being biologically related. There has been comments and theories surrounding the two due to their similar voices.


This page, Duncan Jones/Quotes, contains all of Duncan's most notable quotes.




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