Duncan's Dinosaurs is a series posted on Duncan's YouTube channel, in which Duncan attempts to create a dinosaur park in Minecraft much like the one from the Jurassic Park movie! The Mod that was used The 'Fossil/Archeology' Mod.

Escapees from the ParkEdit

  • Evil Raptor, heard near nursery pens.
  • Rexina, teenage T-Rex, escaped using acrobatic skills.
  • Teep, escaped from lab after being created, took one bow and posesses amazing archery skills.

Episode GuideEdit

Duncan — Duncan's Dinosaurs
Video Name Table yt
Duncan`s Dinosaurs - Part 1 - Dino DNA! Watch
Duncan`s Dinosaurs - Part 2 - The Breakout! Watch
Duncan`s Dinosaurs - Part 3 - Attack! Watch
Duncan`s Dinosaurs - Part 4 - Raptor Relocation Watch
Duncan`s Dinosaurs - Part 5 - The Ballad of Rexina Watch
Duncan`s Dinosaurs - Part 6 - New Dinos! Watch
Duncan`s Dinosaurs - Part 7 - A Tragic End Watch
Duncan`s Dinosaurs - Part 8 - Test Tour! Watch

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