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This is a complete list of notable quotes from Duncan Jones.


  • "Could that have been what was it?" -Duncan Jones 2014 (Hole Diggers 31)
  • "So, like, if I gave you some wood.... Heh." (To Zoey in "Tekkit- Captain Zoey on Duty")
  • "I killed 262 to get those 3 skulls."
  • "Never meet your idols. They'll zap you with laser eyes."
  • "I'm like fucking Aragorn!"
  • "Diamonds? Fuck yeah!"
  • "Umm... Yeah. Why not?"
  • "No! Lewis! Come back, come back. It's ok" (When Simon goes mad with power.)
  • "Here, I made you some wellington boots!"
  • "Yeah, SipsCo. is evil."
  • "I'm gonna go sneak in their base and steal their alarm"
  • "Don't worry, I've got wood" (Tekkit 61 - Coffee Cravings)
  • "He's taken out a lot of coolant..."
  • "Thats the worst clicking I've ever seen!" (In an episode of Tekkit with Duncan)
  • "Oh dear..."
  • "Oh god, why!?"
  • "So... Let's make 'em..."
  • "You can never have enough coal."
  • "I've made an awful lot of it!" (Whilst condensing glass)
  • "This is like a disaster."
  • "Oh no I fell off, FUCK!"
  • "Yeah, I'm coming... I CAN'T GET OUT OF THE FUCKING WATER!" (Crown Conquest part 3)
  • "Yeah but you could just have one macerator, overclocked it, and had an obsidian pipe sucking up everything." (in response to Lewis using ALL THEIR MATERIALS to build a massive wall of machinery)
  • "I'm all spaceman" (Spacemen Part 2 - Space Love)
  • "Don't quit, we have science to do!"
  • "I'M AN OWL!!!"
  • "What. The. Fuck." (Being kissed on the cheek by Lewis in Duncan goes to Gamescom 2012)
  • "Mmm... delicious mother." (Video 1 of The Walls 2)
  • "Pret - ty - cool"
  • "Ohhhh yeah..."
  • "I sleep like a brick."
  • "This is going to be awesome."
  • "It's well evil."
  • "I fucking love condensed milk."
  • "That's an awful lot of coolant."
  • "I'll guide you in..." (To Sjin in Farming Simulator 2013 Part 4)
  • "I thought they had more nipples than that."
  • "All I want to do is cut a bit of grass..."
  • "It's not okay!"
  • "Ooh, shit, ooh shit, OOH SHIT."
  • "THRUST!" (Attempting to use frontloader in Farming Simulator 2013)
  • "I don't understand, like DON'T..."
  • "I am NOT taking my clothes off on the internet!"
  • "Was that you singing or Lyndon dying?"
  • "I JUST WANT TO FEED YOU!" (Duncan to Cows in Farming Simulator 2012 livestream)
  • "For every tree we burn down we'll plant two more to burn down."
  • "Why did you have to cheat in the end-game explosive?
  • "I f-ing love dinosaurs!" (Jurassic Park)
  • "You need a fruit-fucker."
  • "Look, I can't let you into the world because you are a menace and a trickster."
  • (To Lewis) "I think you're the only person in the World ever to get run over by an office."
  • "Hello?"
  • "Gerry, no!" (Gerry gets killed gruesomely in Jurassic Park)
  • "Screw you, sinks!"
  • "lol ur base is fuked" (In the chat after Ridge's base is destroyed in Voltz)
  • "Ooohh, right in the womb" (Yogsims - Squiddles )
  • "Screw the hoe!" (In an episode of tekkit with Duncan)
  • "MYAR! "
  • "We have to breed them, then we can kill the baby." (To Sjin in Skyblocks feat. Sjin Part 12 - Paying the Iron Price)
  • "Hah, your dad's dead" (To Sjin -Yogsquest)
  • "Thomas had a full load of whores today." (Open TTD Part 1 - Gary the Train)
  • "Look at my beautiful unicorn."
  • "Can you get this destroyer out of my vagina, please?"
  • "Are you going to take my vagina?" (Civ 5 Challenge Part 15 - Backstabbing, when Lewis invades Duncan's empire)
  • "I can't believe you razed my vagina." (Same as above, when Duncan's city Vajayna is taken and razed by Lewis)
  • "Ooops"
  • "I AM THE MIGHTY WARLORD GANDHI!" (Civ 5 Multiplayer Challenge Part 1: Elephant Racing Show)
  • "Hedge laying is an art form." (2013 Christmas livestream, day 1)
  • "Gentlemen, pull your levers!"
  • "America kinda sucks..." (Civ 5 World War - Part 9: Rainbow Remembers)
  • "I might be a Nazi but Lewis is Hitler." (2013 Christmas livestream, day 8)
  • "I reckon..."
  • ".org is short for orgasm."
  • "Grow, grow, grow. Grow you wheat. Ye stupid wheat. Grow, grow, grow" (Minecraft Magic Police #12 - Straw Doors)
  • "If Garrus was a door..." (Nano's Village #19 in reference to a Carpenter's Door)
  • "Hello and welcome back to Flux Buddies!"
  • "It only bloody works!"

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