Dwarves vs Leprechauns is a song released by the Yogscast to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.


♪ Dwarves vs Leprechauns - St Patrick's Day Song!02:08

♪ Dwarves vs Leprechauns - St Patrick's Day Song!


We dig all day and drink all night
We never back down from a fight
Don't be downwind if you are smart
We're Dwarven men who love to fart

Hey now ya boys don't me laff
You call that beer? It makes me baff
That piss-thin stuff tastes worse than shite
We're leprechauns, we drink it right

Go back to stealing old mens shoes
You probably put them in your booze
Your gold doesn't even fill a pot
You dress like you've been covered in snot

Your talk is big but you're just fat
You smell worse than a sewer rat
Your songs are crap and the words are worse
So Diggy Dig up a better verse

Your lucky charms are just knick-knacks
That's a beard? There's more hair on my sack!
Now ride your rainbow out this place
Before I hit you in the face

Your brains are thick and your hair is sparse
I'll shove that axe right up your arse
Now shut your mouth you sound a fool
Forget your pick you're the biggest tool

Err excuse me, barkeep, could I please have half a shandy?

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