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Egypt is a playable civilization in Civilization V.

Livestream (Duncan)Edit

During the Yogscast Civilization Christmas Livestream, Duncan played as Egypt. 

When the game started Duncan ended up spawning near Parv who was Babylon at the time. Parv then told Duncan to stay away from his land. Duncan then centered his growth on science, which quickly turned Egypt into a thriving nation with the latest tech stuff. Plus, he managed his country well which made it the top scorer. However, on the other side of the world, Lewis' plans rewarded him as he took the lead from Duncan, and soon went to wage war with the Egyptians(Despite admitting that attacking Duncan was like suicide when the game ended.) Intense fighting was in Chrishmas Tree, where Lewis has an armanda at its doorstep. The war then came to an abrupt pause and Duncan then foucused on Science growth and face more misfortune as Lewis' ideology of Order won him a lot of science, and Lewis was being more of a threat to Duncan and his Science Victory.

Brettor's Pick (Hannah)Edit

In the latest (As of 7/26/2015) Yogscast Civ V series titled "Brettor's Pick", Hannah played as Egypt.

Spawning on a continent with Duncan (Rome) and Pyrion (Mongolia). She remained relatively peaceful throughout the whole of the game, avoiding conflict with her neighbors and even staying out of the war with Lewis (Germany) and Tom (England). Despite her relative neutrality, Lewis and Tom invaded her when she began constructing the Alpha Centurai spaceship, putting her dangerously close to a Scientific Victory. Luckily, the position of King's Landing and her other cities saved her from Tom's navy, which could only bombard the city from a distance. In the end, Hannah's superior science pulled through, allowing her to field Giant Death Robots before anybody else, buying her enough time to launch her spaceship and win the came.



  • Candy (Capital, formerly Thebes)
  • Christmas Tree (formerly Thebes, at different times)
  • Stockings
  • Mince Pies


  • King's Landing (Capital)
  • Riverrun
  • Yunkai
  • Castle Black