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England is a playable civilization in Civilization V.

Season 8 - Islands of BloodEdit

England was picked as the civilization for Tom during his civilization game against the others.

Tom spawned on one of the many big islands, where he settled near the coast. Tom's early turns were relatively good and helpful, but that all changed when Duncan's Indonesia settled a city next to his capital. Tom would quickly declare war on Duncan, which started the Citrus Wars.

The Citrus Wars would snowball into a massive conflict involving every player except Parvis' Polynesia. Eventually, Duncan captured his capital, cementing his ownership of the Orange Islands (Named so for their abundance of oranges). This would create a brief era of peace for the world.

Tom would survive, having established a second city on Duncan's island. He would create a third city (Dog Shit Isle) on a very small island southwest of Smith's Russian civilization in the event that his second city were to be captured. In return for becoming a vassal state, Lewis' Japanese Empire recaptured Mega City One and returned it to him. Tom promptly reignited the Citrus Wars, and with Lewis' help captured Duncan's city of Surabaya, uniting the Orange Islands under the English flag.

Unfortunately for Tom, his stricken people returned home to burned out shells of their former homes. Duncan had destroyed most every building in both cities immediately prior to them being captured, and as a result, Tom's empire entered a period of depression and revolution. To help alleviate the stress on his empire, Tom traded his second city (East Meg One) to Trott as the Ottomans, for use as a uranium mine in the Atomic War. Tom was left to watch the bloodshed between Trott, Smith, and Lewis from his solitary island city (Dog Shit Isle). After Lewis' victory in the Atomic War, he was given back ownership of the Orange Islands, as payment for his diplomatic support of the Japanese Empire. When Lewis launched his campaign for complete domination, Tom offered no resistance to the invading armies.


  • Mega City One 2 (former Capital, formerly Mega City One, Duncanland, Fuck Duncanland; captured by Indonisia, but liberated by Japan, later recaptured by Indonesia, returned to England by Japan, renamed, captured by Japan)
  • East Meg One (trade to The Ottomans)
  • Dog Shit Isle (formerly Atlantis, Refugee Island; Please Don't Kill)
  • Mega City Two (formerly Surabaya, Tom is PooPoo; former Indonesian city captured by Japan, traded to England, taken back by Indonesia renamed, recaptured by Japan and returned to England twice)
  • Texas City

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