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Welcome to a Minecraft adventure with Sips and Sjin! This is the first episode of our new series where we desperately try to stay alive in a hostile land. We're playing hardcore mode so if one of us bites the dust that's it! In this episode we do some soul searching as we brave our first day and night and name our first natural landmark!


During the beginning of the video the two spawn in a snow biome, Sips points out that Sjin looks like an elf, Sjin almost points out that Sips' skin is a young Granny Bacon.

Sjin begins to break down trees to collect wood with his hands whilst Sips accidentally picks one up and starts attacking cows with it, inadvertently discovering a swamp after chasing a cow down a steep hill.

Sips then begins to collect mushrooms and the two temporarily lose each other, Sjin comes down to the swamp and gets distracted by squid, Sips then points out the cows across the river and Sips suggests naming it 'Cow Island' however is told that its too obvious and decides to rename it Mootopia.

Sjin then begins collecting dirt and Sips starts killing chickens with his one block of wood which Sjin tells him not to get too bloody in case they need it later, Sjin then jokingly asks Sips if he knows the recipe to make Chicken Dippers or Turkey Dinosaurs which leads to a conversation about top secret recipes such as coca cola, Bernard and Mathew's chicken dippers and Dinosaur dipper.

Sjin then goes for a dip in the water and tells Sips that he is jumping on the idea he had about building on the water, Sjin then builds dirt stilts so that they can build, Sips tells Sjin that he can be the guy that does all the stuff whilst he just comes up with the ideas.

Sips goes underwater to investigate if there are squids down there and finds a family of them, Sjin points out that squids arn't hostile and Sips tells him that they looks scary, Sjin begins building a floor out of wood and Sips goes to Mootopia to kill cows.

Sips continues to kill cows and eventually chasing one into the river where [Deep Space Nine] is being constructed, he then tells Sjin that he is violating the cow with a piece of wood, the cow then tries to get onto Deep Space Nine, he then tells Sjin that his contribution to the team is that he is going to make him some leather chaps with bare cheeks, he then begins eating raw beef infront of Sjin to make him jealous but gives him some and a raw chicken, Sjin at first doesn't eat the chicken incase of food poisoning.

Sips starts feeding the squids living at the bottom of the river seeds which he believes will never be seen again, they then begin watching the sun set together, they then get into a conversation about old snowmen, mushroom soup.

The surrounding skeletons then begin to come after Deep Space Nine as they see Sips who then reveals his Minecraft skin as he tries to craft leather boots for himself, Sjin goes back to land and finds a chasm by gets attacked by mobs, he then kites them into a chasm, the sunrises and Sjin heads back to Deep Space Nine but the skeletons around it aren't burning so Sjin makes them come out of the water so they burn, Sips then gets shot by a skeleton but is hit in the leather boot, he then leads the skeleton out of the water and into the hills where he is shot twice.

The episode ends as they both return to Deep Space Nine.


Minecraft - Episode 1 - The First Night21:20

Minecraft - Episode 1 - The First Night

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