Erin Wong, also known as Nijuuni, is an artist on who has drawn fanart of Sjin. One of the most popular being her art of Sjin with Rapunzel, for his birthday. Nijuuni has also done various other artwork for Sjin.


In Sjin and Duncan's Minecraft series, Magic Police, Nijuuni had settled on SipsCo. land when she was found by the Magic Police, who promptly invaded her tower, causing her great discomfort. Skeptical and confused by their "warrant," Nijuuni tried to convince them to leave, but Sjin and Duncan found magic related items in her tower, and since she had had no license, they asked her to display magic. Nijuuni told the boys she was a worthy wizard, but in reality, she was just a squib.

After finding out the mud on the island was in fact sewage, Nijuuni joins the Magic Police briefly to investigate where the sewage is coming from. Following the pipes reveals a sewage pump facility owned by SipsCo.. The Magic Police then force Nijuuni to activate the self-destruct bomb, as she's the squib, and they "want to see a fireworks show," much to her further discomfort. Detonating the bomb kills all three of them, and destroys the surrounding area heavily. Nijuuni does not appear afterwards. According to Duncan, "squibs don't respawn."

Nijuuni, in the series Time Cops, also voices the knowledgeable A.I called  _SQUIB_.



  • "Yeah, suddenly shit"
  • "Just don't call me a squib, it's very rude. You me a cat lover! I love cats, so..."