Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a truck driving simulation game developed and published by SCS Software and was first released to the public in open development on October 19, 2012, later having a full, worldwide release on January 16, 2013 for Microsoft Windows and Linux.


  • Euro Truck Simulator 2 was played by Zoey. In the series, she drives a truck that she calls Mildred and has many accidents, but she eventually makes progress. She called her transportation company "ProasTrucking".
  • Simon and Lewis also played this game on the 28th of December during the Christmas Livestreams of 2012. The highlights video of the livestream was released on the main channel, named "Road Head".

Episode GuideEdit

Zoey — Euro Truck Simulator 2
Video Name Table yt
Euro Truck Sim 2 - #1 - I Don`t Think I Need Gas Anyway Watch
Euro Truck Sim 2 - #2 - The Bends Watch
Euro Truck Sim 2 - #3 - Take Two Watch
Main Channel — Euro Truck Simulator 2
Video Name Table yt
Euro Truck Simulator - Road Head Livestream Highlights Watch



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