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Fairytale of Sips Co
 is a song by Sips, Sjin, Lewis, Simon and Duncan. The song was part of the 2012 Christmas Livestreams. The song takes place in a Christmas-decorated SipsCo. compound and stars Sips, Sjin, Lewis, Simon and Duncan. It also stars a range of other Minecraft players such as Notch and Deadmau5.

It is a parody of The Pogues' 'Fairytale of New York', and was arranged, engineered and mixed by Sparkles*.

You can buy this song as part of the Yogscast Christmas 2012 album.

Plot and Summary Edit

The video is based at the SipsCo. compound on the Tekkit server at Christmas. The video starts in the SipsCo tower with Sips complaining about being alone on Christmas Eve, As he looks outside the window he sees Sjin decorating the Dirt Factory with coloured lanterns. Seeing this, Sips is motivated to go and help, so he leaves the tower to join Sjin in the Dirt factory.

The video then cuts to Sips and Sjin throwing diamonds, ruby's and other gems around the frozen pool from a ship in the middle. this is followed by a panning shot of dirt, of all flavours and varieties being pumped out of the factory, Sips in seen supposedly eating all of the 'Chocolate Orange Dirt.' We then move to the interview chamber where Nilesy is trapped and killed by Sjin, this is in fact a reference to episode 32 of the SipsCo Tekkit series. This is followed by several shots of various people including, Notch, Deadmau5, Strippin, Martyn Littlewood, Sparkles* Gamechap, Bertie and BebopVox. As we cut back to the Dirt Factory we see Sips and Sjin struggling to get everything working, they encounter a flood, fire and many mobs one of which kills Sjin. We also see Rythian and Zoey in the interview chamber.

Seeing that Sips and Sjin are struggling, Simon, Lewis and Duncan arrive and help get the factory working. Soon the factory is producing 100% pure dirt, in the background we see a cameo by Ridgedog. On the successful completion of the factory, Sips invites everyone into the tower for a dirt beer. We then cut to a shot of Sjin interviewing Hannah in the interview chamber, Sjin pulls the lever but the crusher malfunctions, Hannah then breaks the glass and chases Sjin out of the room with a sword. The singing then stops as we hear a conversation from Sips, Lewis, Simon and Duncan celebrating there achievements, the camera then pans away from the tower and if the viewer watches closely they can see Sjin actually dies. We then see a splash screen saying 'Merry Christmas from The Yogscast' as the video ends.


Sips: It's Christmas Eve bro
At SipsCo HQ
I'm all alone here, just like every year
I pour myself a drink
A pint of mountain dew
I raise my glass up high, and toast our old friend Guy.

Oh who's that bearded one
Outside, dressed like a bum
My god, it's freezing
But he's not squealing
He's got a plan I see
To build a factory
Won't make it on his own
Well I can change that...

Sjin: We'll have girls big as cars
And a pool full of cash
No, the fun never ends
Throw your fears in the trash
When the first block of dirt leaves the factory floor
They'll be crying and begging and screaming for more

We can do it! Sips: Hooray!
Best dirt ever made
Sips & Sjin: In a rainbow of flavours from bacon to lime
The best Christmas ever, shame about the weather
We'll hang tinsel and baubles and drink some mulled wine!

All: Pool boys from the interview chamber choir'll be singing 'Sips Co Hooray!'
And the dirt will ship on out for Christmas Day!

Sjin: There's monsters about
Sips: And the power is out
The roof isn't done and it's covered in grime
Sjin: There's a fire and a flood
And I'm covered in blood
Sipsco Christmas my arse, we won't finish on time!

All: Pool boys from the interview chamber choir still singing 'Sips Co Hooray!'
But no dirt is shipping out on Christmas Day!

Lewis: Hey guys, you need a hand?
Simon: Well let's reform the band!
Duncan: I'll build this factory
With new technology!
Sjin: This dirt is super pure
One hundred percent I'm sure
Sips: Come have a drink in here
The finest Sipsco dirt beer!

All: Pool boys from the interview chamber choir were singing Sips Co Hooray!
And the dirt was shipping out on Christmas Day!

Video Edit

♪ A Fairytale of Sipsco - Christmas Special!

♪ A Fairytale of Sipsco - Christmas Special!


  • Other than Sips_, Sjin, Simon, Lewis and Duncan, many of the other famous Minecraft players have cameos in the video including: Nilesy, Martyn, StrippinSparkles*, Gamechap and Bertie, BebopVox, Notch, Deadmau5, Zoey, Rythian, Ridgedog, and Hannah.
  • Although the video does take place in the Yogscast Tekkit series, Sips and Sjin both have their normal skins, though at the time of the release the most current Tekkit video had them accidently turned into half human, half dog hybrids.
  • In the making of the video everyone had skins swapped, annoying Lewis.
  • When Sparkles* appears making an eleven sign he does it the wrong way.
  • The song was written by Lewis and Sjin.