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Fall of Gondolin - Part 2 - The Plot Thickens

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Fall of Gondolin #2
Fall of Gondolin, Episode 2
Posted 17th June 2012
Featuring Simon, Lewis
Posted on BlueXephos
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The Swarm

Simon and Lewis try out another very popular Minecraft custom map. This one is set in Middle-Earth, long before the Fellowship of the Ring was formed. The map follows the story of the Dark Lord Morgoth, who later corrupted Sauron, and his attempts to destroy "the Lost City" of Gondolin.

The description reads: We return to our hidden city Gondolin after going undercover to learn of the Dark Lord Morgoth's schemes! Join us as we visit the King to tell him the news, and tackle any obstacles we find on the way! These episodes were recorded a while back and have been specially scored by Daniel Yount! It's something a bit different, hope you enjoy!


Fall of Gondolin - Part 2 - The Plot Thickens19:37

Fall of Gondolin - Part 2 - The Plot Thickens

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