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"Hey guys, welcome back to Feed The World"
(Paul Sykes's opening catchphrase in most Feed The World episodes)

Feed The World is a series that takes place within the Feed the Beast server. Sjin, inspired by the modpack's name, will attempt to build a farm in this series using the returning Forestry mod. It uses the Yogcraft modpack.


Sjin begins the series at the Sjips Co. compound, where he shows the viewers that all of the pipes in the compound (and the server) have turned to sand. Sjin leaves the floating sand blocks, grabs building supplies and necessary items, then travels to new chunks to find a place to build his dream farm. On the way he passes by the Crooked Caber, believing it belongs to Nilesy because of one of his advertisements at the back of the pub, but he leaves it be.

Sjin arrives at newly generated chunks and finds a nice place to build the farm. He starts by building a farmhouse. He builds a second floor, but forgets to properly light up the area. Sjin discovers a Thaumcraft Altar on top of a nearby mountain, and gets killed by a Wisp. Fortunately, he slept in his bed, and manages to retrieve his items, as well as looting the chest, finding Thaumium tools and enchanted books.

In the second episode, Sjin begins assessing the power situation on his farm, and begins to dabble in the earlier stages of machinery. He constructs a peat farm, and builds his Machine Barn. Which he will use to house his machines and equipment for the time being.

In the Third episode, Sjin addresses the resource issue on his farm, and also clears out the second floor of the farm house. He constructs a mine nearby in the mountain side, and goes on a mining expedition gathering the materials he will need later.

The fourth and fifth episodes both focus on the bee breeding aspects of Yogcraft. In the fourth episode, Sjin spends a lot of time searching for bees, and constructing apiaries. The fourth episode is mostly Sjin constructing new machinery and dealing with the need for devices such as carpenters before he can have any apiaries. The fifth episode actually has Sjin place the apiaries and begin experimenting with the fundamentals of bee breeding, and tree cross-pollination. Sjin eventually mentions getting mahogany trees to construct some "mahogany doors!".

The sixth episode features Sjin finally getting down to farming! Sjin clears an area to the right of his Machine Barn and constructs a small circular wheat field that will plant, seed, water, and harvest itself! He also builds a scare-crow out of blocks from the afore-mentioned altar in the center of the field.

In the seventh episode Sjin dives into Flan's Weapons Mod by constructing his very own biplane, which he intends to use as a crop duster. The episode mostly consists of Sjin building the needed components for a two seater wooden biplane without any guns attached called the Spruce Moose. He also constructs a hangar, and takes a small test flight around the area.

Things get interesting in the eighth episode when Sjin begins to assess the obvious "pest problem" on the farm. Being a reasonable man, Sjin decides the best solution, is a shotgun. Specifically, a W1200. Using Flan's weapons mod yet again, Sjin constructs a modern weapons bench and creates his very own shotgun. But things get really crazy when Rythian appears out of nowhere. Offering peace, Rythian and Sjin make amends. Sjin tours Rythian around the farm, and gives him a ride back home in his biplane, as a sign of friendship between the two.

In the ninth episode, Sjin once again has to tackle the power monster as he relies how unreliable, and frankly pathetic, Peat-fired engines are. Sjin decides to convert his farm to using Bio-Fuel engines, using some of the honey his apiaries produce to fuel his new power source. He also constructs a squeezing chamber so he can use the extra seeds his fields produce to make seed oil, which can also power the engines. The ninth episode wraps up with Sjin building two huge Iron tanks near the squeezing chamber, and finishes an automated cycling system that takes the honeycombs out of the apiaries, and puts the bees back into the system at the end.

In the tenth episode, Sjin focuses on tree farming. He grafts lots of new saplings, and eventually decides to build an orchard for his apple oak trees. Meanwhile, Sjin tries to get another power source: bee DNA. He crafts a genepool, and another tower to put it in.

In the thirteenth episode his scarecrow is stolen. Not only that, but a player by the name of Strawfingers appears in multiple localities during the flyovers.

The twenty-fifth episode begins when the scarecrow from the flyovers, after which the episode is named (Strawfingers) is seen sneaking into Sjin's house, while the latter is presumably sleeping. Strawfingers is seen walking into the house, upon which all the textures on the farm are reverted back to the default Minecraft textures. After that, Strawfingers hurriedly escapes back to the nether portal. After Sjin wakes, he finds his textures stolen, and whilst walking around his orchard, finds a diary which belongs to Strawfingers. Upon reading it, he finds out that Strawfingers is the one who stole his textures, and that in fact he is the scarecrow which Sjin thought was stolen. After finishing the read, Sjin decides to pursue Strawfingers. He arms himself, and storms into Strawfingers' nether fortress. At the top, he finds a chest with his textures (which is actually a book with a binary code inside) and Kim, who he takes back to his farm.

In the thirty-fourth episode, Sjin solves his chicken problem by gathering all of the annoying pests into a pit and proceeded to blow them up. There are only several chickens on his farm at the moment.

Since then, he has bred several more trees, including the Desert Acacia, Wenge, and Grandidier's Baobab. After breeding the Desert Acacia, he flew off in the Spruce Moose to tame a dog and cat for his farm, who are now named Jake and Charlotte. He also built a carrot patch.

Currently, Sjin is planing a Sjindig, and in preparation has made Short Mead and built a stage.

Also, at the end of Grandidier's Baobab, Strawfingers was seen to have dug a huge cavern under the farm and filled it with scaffolding, Industrial TNT and a single Nuke.

Because Sjin is short on energy conduits and trying to get his Quarry back up he is making them himself(something he didnt want to do but has to)

Episode GuideEdit

Series: Jaffa Factory, Duncan's Laboratory, Feed The World, Rail Bros Inc., FTB with Nilesy, The Apprentice, The Blackrock Chronicle - Rising
Locations: Honeydew Inc, Duncan's Laboratory, Strippin Station, The Abode, Sjin's Farm, Cabertown, Site Bee, Sips Co. Dirt Factory
Other: Episode Guide


001 Greener Pastures March 6th 2013
002 For Peats Sake March 13th 2013
003 Securing Resources March 16th 2013
004 Bees March 24th 2013
005 Bees II March 31st 2013
006 Fields of Gold April 4th 2013
007 Cropduster April 7th 2013
008 Pest Control April 11th 2013
009 Honey Power April 14th 2013
010 Apple Oak Orchard April 23rd 2013
011 Engines! April 29th 2013
012 Green Fields May 6th 2013
013 Tree Breeding May 8th 2013
014 Bees, Trees and Piggies May 15th 2013
015 Souls for the Soul Forge May 20th 2013
016 Into the Nether May 25th 2013
017 Trading with Duncan May 29th 2013
018 Powering Up May 31st 2013
019 Mahogany June 2nd 2013
020 Quarry June 4th 2013
021 Nuts June 6th 2013
022 Hazmat June 9th 2013
023 Pulverization June 11th 2013
024 Sweet, Sweet Chestnut June 13th 2013
025 Strawfingers June 15th 2013
026 Chestnut Farm June 18th 2013
027 Chestnut Power June 20th 2013
028 Chicken Coop June 22nd 2013
029 Kitchen June 24th 2013
030 Balsa Wood, Best Wood June 26th 2013
031 Steak Sandwiches June 28th 2013
032 The Quest for Pumpkins July 1st 2013
033 The Great Eggscape July 4th 2013
034 Pied Piper July 11th 2013
035 Desert Acacia July 15th 2013
036 Man's Best Friend July 20th 2013
037 Man's Second Best Friend July 23rd 2013
038 Odd Jobs July 27th 2013
039 Wenge July 31th 2013
040 When-gay August 3rd 2013
041 Short Mead August 6th 2013
042 More Mead! August 9th 2013
043 Carrot Patch! August 14th 2013
044 Grandidier's Baobab August 17th 2013
045 Back on the Farm August 30th 3013
046 Finding Charlotte September 6th 2013
047 Getting My Flax Straight September 11th 2013
048 Archery Mini-game September 15th 2013
049 Hedge Maze September 20th 2013
050 Feeding Frenzy Part 1 October 2nd 2013
051 Feeding Frenzy Part 2 October 4th 2013
052 Potato Quest October 9th 2013
053 Molten Redstone October 16th 2013

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