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Fendrel de Ireby was a citizen of Sipsville in Sips' Towns Let's Play (Season one). To begin with, Sips didn't like Fendrel much because he was weak and didn't help with the tasks that the rest of the Sipsville populace, instead, he liked to sit back and write poems and books, he also enjoyed documenting the events which happened in the town. Sips' opinion of Fendrel may have been so poor because he was a newcomer, and not from the original group of civilians that lived in the early Sipsville. Sips' opinion of Fendrel took a turn when he documented the entire battle of Sipsville. He achieved this by climbing a tree with his notebook and writing down each and every event. One night, during the construction of the Great Wall, Fendrel pieced together evidence with Godiva as to why the four Sipsville famines occurred, they eventually discovered that it was Juliana , who stockpiled all of the food in the wilderness for herself.

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