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Feyden is a Dawn Republic logging village in the Lightfall campaign for High Rollers D&D, appearing in Episodes 9 to 11.


Feyden is a logging village of the Dawn Republic. It borders Longwood Forest to the south, just a 1.5 hours walk away. Talis'Val is to its east, while Briarcrest is to its west. In terms of travelling time, it is a 4-5 days walk to Talis'Val or 1.5 days by horses and carts.


See Also: HighRollers: Lightfall episodes 9, 10 and 11.

Demographics & CultureEdit

Feyden is largely inhabited by elves and humans.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Not much is known about its physical geography or climate.

Relations & MilitaryEdit




Logging is the primary source of income for Feyden, often receiving contracts from Talis'Val for their rebuilding efforts following the destruction caused by the Lightfall.

Notable LocationsEdit

Dimitriv's ShopEdit

Horse StableEdit

Lumber YardEdit

Manor HouseEdit

Oaken WagonEdit

Oaken Wagon is a tavern at Feyden. The tavern appears in Episodes 9 to 11, serving as a resting point for the adventurers.


  • Brother Wald, priest for the village's mausoleum
  • Dulgrim
  • Oswyn, barkeeper and owner of the Oaken Wagon
  • Rika Flamewind, de-facto leader and manager of Feyden's lumber operations
  • Unnamed Oswyn's daughter, worked as the Oaken Wagon bar assistance
Broken Sky
  • Dimitriv, tasked to spy on the happenings within Feyden
  • Rena, one half of the halfling siblings who is tasked to steal the lumber from the lumber yard
  • Riss, leader of the Broken Sky's operations in Feyden
  • Yuli, one half of the halfling siblings who is tasked to steal the lumber from the lumber yard





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