Hat Films released their first collection of tunes made for the Filfy Animals series, Filfy Animals - Volume 1, on the 20th June 2012. The album features songs played during their short mod-spotlight series.

All of the songs have been released and can be listened at both Hat Films' YouTube channel and their Bandcamp. The collection of songs were made available

Track ListingEdit

  1. Filfy Animals - Main Theme (01:49)
  2. Filfy Animals - Geoff's Theme (00:23)
  3. Filfy Animals - Geoff's Love Song (01:17)
  4. Jazz Claws (03:01)
  5. Geoff's Extended Theme (00:54)
  6. Ghaststyle (02:30)


  • Despite being Volume 1, the series Filfy Animals was ended or placed on a long hiatus and no new volumes have been released.
  • Filfy Animals - Main Theme is the same song as Minecraft 1.1 Theme, used and created for the Minecraft 1.1 Update Trailer.

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