"Totes McGotes"

Fiona Riches shares a channel with her girlfriend, Zoey.


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  • "Totes McGotes."
  • "Trigger forward."
  • "Roses are red, violets are red, grass is red, my lawn is on fire!"
  • "Don't touch my Zozo."
  • "fuck fuck fuckity fuck"
  • "I'm gonna go on the floor now." -2014 Christmas Livestream.
  • "Thank you for donating!"
  • "You disgust me with your nice words"
  • "Im soaking wet."
  • "Oh....Sugar"
  • "Reflecty back at you thing"


  • Fiona's birthday is July 10
  • She can play the guitar
  • Fiona was in Zoey's Pro-as-Heck livestream for the Dwarven Dairy Drive
  • Zoey announced that they were dating on May 30, 2013
  • Though not to have made an appearance in every episode, Fiona has been a guest in a few episodes of Zoey's Tomodachi Life
  • In her Tomodachi Life series, Zoey mentioned that her and Fiona's first date was on a beach
  • According to Fiona, she and Zoey first met at a train station
  • Fiona confirmed on Twitter that she does in fact, work as a chef and has 12-hour shifts
  • Fiona moved in with Zoey on December 6, 2014
  • She is 5ft 6. (171cm)
  • She has a Blue Peter badge
  • She lived in Norwich for most of her life
  • She used to smoke
  • She has glasses which she actually needs but has never worn them in front of Zoey as they are at her mum's house
  • She has English and Norwegian heritage