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Fishton the Fish Harmonica as he appears in Scribblenauts

Fishton is a fish harmonica that Zoey found in the Blackrock Chronicle series.

Blackrock StoryEdit

When Zoey was trapped in prison by the mushroom rebels, she rummaged through her cells chest to find a fish. This fish happened to be a fish harmonica. She named the fish harmonica Fishton, and started playing a song (about the Blackrock story) with all her prison mates (which all have the same names as the Beatles). 

When the nuke under Blackrock stronghold went off, Fishton was separated from the rest of the gang. After recovering from the explosion, and setting in to sickbay, Zoey used her scientific skills to make two gadgets; A TARDIS, and a screwdriver. Zoey, Rythian, and Teep went through the TARDIS, and use the screwdriver as a tracking device to find Fishton.

Other AppearancesEdit

Fishton has appeared in many other videos, such as videos containing a bit called Fishton facts where Fishton appears at random or convenient times with a harmonica sound, and a fact. Fishton has also appeared in 2spooky4zoey, in the beginning, and end of episodes, consulting with a demon.


  • Fishton may have magically came to life after Zoey named him or act as if he was an animated object.
  • This, and other things may prove that Zoey has the power to bring things to life with words, and names.
  • Fishton may know how to summon demons.
  • Fishton is currently in Zoey's band, the Jailhouse Five/Six/Nine.
  • Fishton may be considered a symbol of Zoey.
  • The origins of Fishton are unknown.

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