Flux Buddies 2.0 Base refers to Duncan and Kim's unnamed base from their Flux Buddies 2.0 series. The base was expanded upon from the first episode, and now contains several buildings and open areas, each having its own function.

Layout and DesignEdit

The base was founded at the ruins of a small building, close to two meteor crash sites. After roughly patching up the ruins for the first few nights, Duncan fixed up this building properly off-screen, and revealed it in Flux Buddies 2.0 #5 - NEW BASE.

The base started out with a heavy reliance on steam power, and as such many pipes snake the walls of the base, both inside and out. Some of the buildings also include non-functional chimneys to supplement the industrial and slightly steampunk aesthetic. Another common feature of the buildings is the use of purple windows and skylights.

Kim's Botania Hut was one of the first additions to the base. This was followed by a new shed, which Kim intended to use as a kitchen, and later converted it into Nano's Noodle Bar. Duncan also built some large cobblestone enclosures for their dinosaurs during this time, and set up "The Lucky Egg Ranch" Chocobo farm. Several Botania gardens containing Bellethornes were added by Kim to defend the base.

Sjin built a hut at the base for one of his bards who played music incessantly, much to Duncan and Kim's annoyance. Sjin also set up the post office so the pair could send and receive mail. Duncan constructed a large obsidian prison that was supposed to contain Dr. Lalnable Hector when they summoned him, however he managed to teleport out.

In order to make biofuel, Duncan set up a sugar cane farm. This started out as a relatively small farm but was expanded to meet the high demand for sugar cane, becoming an alrge multi-storey farm, making it quite a prominent feature within the base.

In Flux Buddies 2.0 #126 Vampires Kim's Aura Cascade hut was damaged during the vampire attack. While the damage done by the vampires was trivial, Kim purposely exaggerated the damage to the setup herself as an excuse to not have to continue working with the Aura Cascade mod, which she really disliked.


Flux Buddies
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