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Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 1

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Four Towers #1
Four Towers, Episode 1
Posted 22nd January 2011
Featuring Simon, Lewis
Posted on BlueXephos
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Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 1 is the first episode of the Minecraft: Four Towers series. It was posted on January 22nd, 2011. The episode summary reads: An adventure map where you have to escape from a tower filled with zombies. And I mean utterly full of the bastards. Sounds dreadful, I know.

Adventures on our original server will recommence soon, I promise, we're just a little bit busy at the moment. Lewis has to visit his parents and Simon might be getting a new computer, to replace the ancient piece of crap he currently plays on. It's all good though, new videos will keep coming every day. :)

The thread is here:


Minecraft - Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 114:03

Minecraft - Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 1

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