Fragmented is a Survival Multiplayer game on Steam by developer Above and Beyond Technologies.

You awaken stranded on a hostile alien world, after your journey to colonize the planet. Rhyldan takes a catastrophic turn. Armed with only your fists, your wits and fragments of knowledge buried deep within a damaged clone’s mind, you must ensure the survival of the human race. Harvest local resources to get started, and hunt wildlife with crafted weapons to provide food and protection from the elements. As you survive you will regain access to knowledge and important skills to aid in your survival. Unlock advanced technologies to build giant structures, advanced weaponry and defenses, tame the wildlife, engineer and grow new living species, build robots and vehicles and use it all to support your allies or crush your enemies. [1]

In Yogiverse Edit

  • Duncan Jones and Lewis Brindley have played this game as part of their Survival series of games. Within the first few moments of playing, the duo are increasingly surprised at how well the game performs, compared to previous games they have played in the series.

Episode GuideEdit

Duncan — Fragmented
Video Name Table yt
Fragmented #1 - SUPER HUMAN STRENGTH Watch
Fragmented #2 - SETLANGS Watch
Fragmented #3 - METAPOD LAKE Watch
Fragmented #4 - FINDING OUR HOME Watch
Fragmented #5 - BLOOD ELF LOVERS Watch
Fragmented #6 - RHINOC Watch
Fragmented #7 - HORNY Watch
Fragmented #8 - SUNBURN Watch
Fragmented #9 - STRUCK GOLD Watch
Fragmented #10 - STUCK IN A GATE Watch


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