"It looks like... muddy water with two golden apples and some feathers in it."
(Skylord Lysander's view of the potion.)

Fumblemore's Cure-All Potion was the potion that Fumblemore created to cure the Taint of Israphel from Old Peculier. When Old Peculier arrived in Mistral City, he was extremely weak and close to death. Skylord Lysander suggested that our heroes should ask Fumblemore to see if he could create a potion to cure Old Peculier. Unfortunately, the ingredients for the potion were quite bizarre, and so the next several episodes focused on finding them.


  • It is described as "muddy water with golden apple slices".
  • The ingredients of the potion include: a bucket of water from the Pool of Life, five dirt, five feathers, five sulfur, and two Golden Apples.
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