FyreUK, most of the time shortened to Fyre, was the group of Matt Needler and Phil Southam. They were members of the Yogscast who, together with the FyreUK build team, build huge Minecraft builds that they turn into timelapses for their YouTube channel. For a time Phil worked at YogTowers working closely with other members of the Yogscast to create maps, levels and worlds for series like Yoglabs and Yogplop. However, in late 2014 Phil left the Yogscast as an employee but continued to have a good working relationship with the Yogscast via the Partnership the FyreUK YouTube channel had. Both Matt and Phil are no longer active Minecraft players.

On October 1, 2016 Matt announced the closure of the FyreUK Minecraft and Team Speak servers, and hence the entire community. The full announcement and reasons for the closure can be found on the FyreUK website.




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