Gaijin Studios is a mysterious building on the Yogscast Tekkit server, which appears to be some form of recording studio, and is built in the style of a square, East-Asian Pagoda.


The building itself has been seen many times, but was never spoken about until Lewis and Sjin were setting up an oil platform for Honeydew Inc.. Its next big appearance was when Sips and Sjin were exploring and happened to stumble upon it. They decided to enter it, but the duo left after discovering a minecart track below the building. It is owned by Area 11.

It was visited by Simon, Duncan, and Kim whilst fishing. Simon claimed he had done some recording with Sparkles* there.


  • It appears to be a Pagoda as Sjin describes it.
  • It is some type of music studio.
  • It is thought to be made by Area 11, as a recording studio for their songs. This has been confirmed on Area 11's Facebook page.

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