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YogLabs #8 Galacticraft Part 1
Season 1, Episode 8
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Posted 2 March 2013
Characters Xephos, Honeydew,
Channel BlueXephos
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This is the eighth episode of the YogLabs series, and the first of the Galacticraft Mod Review. It was uploaded on March 2nd, 2013. The description reads: The space program is underway, but YogLabs has been infected by space bacteria! Anyway the boys go into space, this mod is awesome.

About YogLabsEdit

(Main Article): YogLabs

YogLabs is a government funded facility where Lewis, Simon and the Testificates test various mods, including the Shutter mod, Ugocraft and many others.

Episode PlotEdit

At the start of episode 8, Simon is told that Testificates have been up into space and have brought back some bacteria. Simon then presses the Coffee Dispenser and got a Reinforced Bacterial Slugde Bucket. He then put it on the floor and 3 Sludge Maggots came out. He killed 2. When 1 followed him, he also killed it. Lewis says that the Sludge Maggots gave it the flavour. Lewis then said that some of them had grown up and went in the air vents.

They then go to the launch area were they build they build their spaceship. And headed for the Moon.

They parachuted down to the Moon. A crate, containing there spaceship and launch pads also parachuted down with them. When they landed, they had some time getting to know it. They also place a pink flag with the Minecraft face of Simon. They had realised they left there footprints on the moon. Simon then raced around in a moon buggy. He then ran out of air for the second time. It ends by them just starting to take off to Mars.


Galacticraft - Lift Off! - YogLabs19:54

Galacticraft - Lift Off! - YogLabs

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