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Real Name Adam Daniel Spencer
Usernames/Aliases AdamzoneTopMarks, GameChap
YouTube Channel AdamzoneTopMarks, TheChapsPlay
Gender Male
Nationality British
Current Member? No
Occupation Director at GAMECHAP LTD
Partner Paul Spencer (BertieChap)
Catchphrase I say!
Adam Daniel Spencer, otherwise known as GameChap, is a YouTuber, and former Yogscast member. His YouTube channel, AdamzoneTopMarks, is his base of operations and as of November 20th, 2014, TheChapsPlay which is a series playthrough of games with BertieChap. While he is mostly known for his Minecraft videos, he occasionally also plays other games, such as The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time, Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and various Mario games, however, with the exception of Ocarina of Time, he never seems to finish them (probably to encourage people to buy the games and see the ending themselves). In Minecraft, GameChap owns a house near a snow biome that is almost always amusingly destroyed somehow, or (alternatively) set on fire. GameChap and Bertie (allegedly) have to go to the village Fire Department to repair his house (even if the cause of destruction is not a fire). Gamechap usually trusts ACME Co. (of Looney Toons fame) for all of his mod spotlights. He has also created several parody videos and plenty on the Girls mod for Minecraft.

Life of GameChapEdit

Adam Daniel Spencer (born in 1989 in Hertfordshire, England) is a British young child prodigy, who between the ages of 9 and 13 studied for and passed 8 UK GCSE examinations and 4 A-Level examinations normally not taken until the ages of 16 and 18, mostly at A and B grades. His achievements have attracted international media attention.

Early yearsEdit

Spencer's parents recognised how bright he was from a young age. For example, at the age of 18 months he could read the alphabet, and read as fluently as an adult before he started primary school. He learnt the basics of mathematics at the age of around 6, and moved to an intermediate mathematics textbook shortly afterwards. Much of what he learnt was self taught. He also received teaching, one hour a week, from a private tutor. In June 1999, Adam Spencer took higher tier GCSE mathematics at a high school in Norfolk, England at the age of 9, passing the exam with an A grade.

A-level Maths and further GCSE passesEdit

In September 1999, Spencer was accepted at a college in Luton, where he studied A-level mathematics in an intensive 1 year course. Nine months later, in June 2000, Spencer sat his final examinations and passed with a grade B, at the age of 10. Adam then continued his education, studying for GCSEs in English, English Literature, Science (Double Award), Geography, French and Design and Technology / Business Studies at a high school in Bedfordshire. In June 2001, at the age of 11, Spencer passed these examinations, with two grade A*s, two grade As, one grade B and one grade C.

A-level passesEdit

He then studied for a further four A-levels, in the subjects of Biology, Chemistry, French and Physics. In August 2002, Spencer passed his AS level examinations, with a grade A at Biology and Chemistry, a grade B at French and a grade C at Physics. As is the normal procedure for students continuing to study for A-levels, Spencer dropped one of these subjects (Physics), and in August 2003 passed his Biology, French and Chemistry A-levels, all at grade B.


Adam Spencer intended to carry on his studies to University level after having passed his A-level examinations, which would become an issue of some controversy. Purportedly due to new UK laws regarding screening of university teachers, Spencer's applications to a number of UK universities were rejected, even before he received his A-level results. Spencer also applied to study at Oxford University during his A-level study, however, in his interview for Oxford, he was set a number of biochemistry problems on subject matter which he had not yet covered in the curriculum at his school. Due to him being unable to answer these, his application was rejected from that university without an option to contest the decision. The subject of young child prodigies attending University is an area of some debate. Critics point out the apparent age gap in such cases as well as the possibility of the student 'missing out' on University social life. In Adam Spencer's case, despite a handful of other young child prodigies of a similar age and, in most if not all cases less qualified than Spencer, having attended University in the past, all of his applications were rejected. Spencer's desire to attend University was ultimately denied by UK universities.

Recent Years (2001-present)Edit

Since that time, Spencer has worked in a business conducting Internet sales. Spencer also launched a website in March 2001, Adamzone, where he gives advice to students studying for their mathematics examinations. He has also written a comprehensive book aimed at teaching math in a simple and light hearted way (The Math Buster), available as an eBook.

Adamzone eventually became a channel known as AdamzoneTopMarks in late 2010 with now deleted videos on how to do math and a series known as the Gentleman Observer and a few episodes of Captain Kart, and since his first playthrough of Zelda, used the name "GameChap" for the first time, and became his name since. BertieChaps' first appearance in the Golden Molecule, marks the Duo's first official beginning, since Bertie was never seen playing games with him.

GameChap and the YogscastEdit

His first appearance with the Yogscast was when him and Bertie joined them in a PVP map called The Walls. There were mixed feelings when the Yognau(gh)ts saw the video from his perspective, as a few did not understand their incredibly refined and posh English accents. He has, more recently, won the Yogscast Crown Conquest's first round event along with Lewis. In the Walls 2, Bertie and Gamechap were not players (instead Martyn Littlewood and Toby Cottrell took their places). Simon and Lewis commented in the video that although they like Gamechap and Bertie and think they are wonderful people, they are not professional PvP players. This would make sense as that was Gamechap and Bertie's first time playing PvP (they became a force to be reckoned with during Crown Conquest later on). He also took part in the Yogscast Christmas livestreams during Honeydew's Honey Drive, where they played in a 'Race For The Wool' map. Gamechap was on the winning team (consisting of Duncan Jones, himself, and Bertie) in SkyBlock Rumble. On the 4th of September, Gamechap and Bertie joined the Yogscast, appearing in the Yogscast family section of the website, however was removed shortly after. He is now believed to have fallen out with the Yogscast and the Yogscast have severed all ties with Gamechap and Bertie.

Post YogscastEdit

Since the entire incident with the Yogscast, GameChap lost about over a thousand subscribers. However, support for GameChap remained strong, and many users stuck up for GameChap on his forum and continued to support him. It was not until late 2014, where he had banned many users for being a "turncoat". Duoduo66, Sirmentio, ScruffyKiwi, MC_Genni, MadKnightHatter, Sereniama, Sniffy194, and Tym Withawai, the big eight of the GameChap Forums were banned for standing up to a user whom commented on his "boob" content. It is unknown, but highly likely it was him, due to the bans being aligned to Squiddington. Sereniama however, was banned at a later date on September 17th for stating an opinion, however, surpassed the ban using Chrome's incognito window and made "Sereniama1". Since then, some of the banned forum users started an offshoot version of the GameChap forum known as "ChapsUnited".

The flame with the Yogscast seems to had cool down since the event of the major Reddit Controversy. On Twitter as of April 14, 2014, GameChap made a Pun regarding Simon Lanes's post putting: "I've pond-ered this, and you should really stop luring people in - getting hooked is serious and the net is closing anyway.". It also seems GameChap constantly retweets Simon's posts.

However, it seems that GameChap and Bertie are attempting to get back into the light of YouTube. On November 20, 2014, TheChapsPlay was created, which was, in a way, a reset to his survival series like the Golden Molecule and Survival Island. Unlike the rest of his unfinished series, GameChap appears to be going on to, so far, five episodes. It was shown and Kim's statement of GameChap and Bertie not being good at Minecraft, that GameChap and Bertie are actually indeed, really good at Minecraft. It was possible that they are usually in script all the time, even if it's with other people. Therefore, it's also possible that GameChap and Bertie excel at PVE rather than PVP.


  • "For goodness bally sakes!"
  • "BY GEORGE!"
  • "Bertie, what have you done man!?"
  • "Until then!"
  • "I say, what ho chaps and chapettes! Gamechap and Bertie here!"
  • "You bally cad!"
  • "Take this you brute!"
  • "What in the blue blazing bats in a ball?"
  • "We'll see you again in the next exciting outing, UNTIL THENnnn....."
  • "Yes indeed, I say!"
  • (when something explodes) "I SAY! WHAT IN BLAZES?"
  • "My poor house!"


  • GameChap's favourite hat is a top hat
  • GameChap dislikes herbal tea, Earl Grey, royal milk and green tea
  • GameChap likes his tea with milk and one sugar
  • As a child, GameChap's favourite games were Mario Kart 64, Donkey Kong Country 2 and Total Annihilation
  • GameChap prefers dogs to cats
  • GameChap's favourite books are the Sherlock Holmes series
  • GameChap has released a book called "The Math Buster" that helped under aged children with maths. Videos about this have been taken down, and GameChap will block anyone who mentions this
  • GameChap and Bertie own their own company, GAMECHAP LTD, which was created on February 27, 2014
  • GameChap and Bertie established a second channel, on November 20th, 2014 known as TheChapsPlay, which is a restart of their survival series playthroughs. It features the Feed the Beast Modpack and their mod appears to be similar to the Yogscasts' many mods, namely the ones seen in Deep Space Mine and Yoglabs.


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