Giant Machines 2017 enables you to control seven of the biggest industrial machines ever created on Earth. They will introduce you into the world of hissing hydraulic systems, excavator buckets and the smell of diesel.

Unlike contemporary simulators, the 14 main missions are all part of one story. The goal is to send a space shuttle to the International Space Station. Your tasks will be, among others:

  • To crush mountains,
  • To move tons of earth,
  • To cut metal constructions
  • To mine radioactive ores,
  • And to transport (rock, ore, machines… and even a space shuttle!!) [1]

In YogiverseEdit

Episode GuideEdit

Main Channel — Giant Machines 2017
Video Name Table yt
BIGGEST DIGGER EVER - Giant Machines 2017 Watch
EXTEND THE PERNUS - Giant Machines 2017 Watch
MR PLOW - Giant Machines 2017 [#3] Watch
URANIUM SPILLAGE - Giant Machines 2017 [#4] Watch
BIGGEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD - Giant Machines 2017 [#5] Watch
WE DROPPED THE SPACE SHUTTLE - Giant Machines 2017 [#6] Watch
FINAL COUNTDOWN - Giant Machines 2017 [#7] (Finale) Watch



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