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Minecraft large
/give Honeydew 46 1
Give Honedew 46 1

Known Users:

Xephos, Honeydew

First Appearance

Four Towers (Custom Map) Part 4

/give Honeydew 46 1 is a magical spell or command.

The magical spell /give - usually under the control of Lewis, is used by him to spawn a block of TNT (46) so that Simon can blow up a door that they haven't figured out how to, or can't be bothered to open.

This spell was first used in the Four Towers series of videos - Episode 4, where Lewis was stumped by a metal door that had no switch. To be fair, it was Simon's idea, not Lewis'.

It has become somewhat popular on the Minecraft Forums, appearing as the signature on quite a few of the active posters' profiles.

Observation of the use of this particular strategy reveals that once it's done, the ability of Simon and Lewis to actually solve the puzzle world they are working in enters a downwards spiral from which there is usually no recovery.

Occasionally Lewis will balls up the spell, reversing the item number to 64 1. This results in Lewis giving Simon the 'highly useful' bottom half of a wooden door.

This method has been used many times and is often referred to as "the Yogscast way". "The Yogscast way" is also the phrase used for when Simon and Lewis can't be bothered doing an activity in a custom map (most notably jumping puzzles) and they cheat, either by spawning in wood to bridge gaps between block, mine through a wall next to a doorway or of course to blow their way through using TNT.

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