The Golden Record was a replacement for the Holy Apple of the Church of the Holy Apple. Due to the golden apple being "old-fashioned" and having a love of music, Father Braeburn wanted to update the feel of his church, and when Xephos and Honeydew needed the golden apple to heal Old Peculier, Braeburn told them to bring him a golden record to trade for it.

The record was stolen twice from Skylord Jasper's house in Mistral City. When Mistral City was burned, Father Braeburn was forced to leave the record behind and left a message telling Xephos and Honeydew to take the record and deliver it to him in Icaria. However, after the group was assigned to find the map pieces, they suspended the quest to Icaria, resulting in Honeydew dropping the record in Stoneholm. It is now lost forever.

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