Gone Home is a first-person adventure exploration video game developed and published by The Fullbright Company. Assuming the role of Kaitlin, the player can view and move objects around the house to find clues. The game has no set goals, though it encourages the player to explore new areas to progress the storyline.


  • Kim has completed a five-episode series on the game. She noted that this game had been in her steam library for some time, though with the break with Life Is Strange, she is playing Gone Home to get her story fix.
  • Sjin initially created a single episode as part of his indie games series, Sjindie Games, though after the popularity of the video, he decided to finish the game in a full playthrough.
  • Zoey has played the game over 8 episodes in total.

Episode GuideEdit

Kim — Gone Home
Video Name Table yt
GONE HOME (#1) Empty Rooms Watch
GONE HOME (#2) The Will Watch
GONE HOME (#3) Upstairs Watch
GONE HOME (#4) Basement Watch
GONE HOME (#5) The End Watch
Zoey — Gone Home
Video Name Table yt
Gone Home - #1 - I Don`t Want Anyone To Know Watch
Gone Home - #2 - Coming Out Of The Closet Watch
Gone Home - #3 - What`s The Worst That Could Happen Watch
Gone Home - #4 - Intimacy Watch
Gone Home - #5 - There Is Nothing Wrong Watch
Gone Home - #6 - Be Yourself Watch
Gone Home - #7 - Growing Up Watch
Gone Home - #8 - Love Watch
Sjin — Gone Home
Video Name Table yt
Sjindie Games - Gone Home Watch
Gone Home - Part 3 Watch
Gone Home - Part 4 Watch
Gone Home - Part 2 Watch